About Jennifer

Photo by Matt Lavere


Visual Consultant and Strategist, Jennifer Kilberg is a city girl living in Georgia. Her sought after expertise has gained her a diverse international client base of photographers and illustrators of all styles and specialties. She approaches each client and project with passion, an intuitive understanding, an easy to work with no-nonsense attitude and a love for collaboration. Having the ability to relate to a client’s most essential needs through real-world experience is just one of the many qualities that Jennifer provides. With over two decades of experience in the business, she is a driving force in the creative community, consulting on portfolio development, branding, and marketing.

Jennifer’s passion for creating has taken her around the world and back again. She believes in the personal development of mind, body, and soul is an important tool to be your best artistic self. After graduating Boston University Visual Arts School with a BFA – degree in Graphic Design, with minors in Anthropology and Art History, Jennifer went to Africa as a photographer with a Cultural Anthropologist to gain an understanding of the Samburu and Pokot tribes. She created balance in her life by experiencing the juxtaposition of being in the bush to urban living.

After Africa, she went to New York City and worked in one of NYC’s most respected labs, Duggal, a pioneer in print techniques, materials and processes. After Duggal, she went onto American Photo & Popular Photography magazines where she assisted in developing their integrative marketing programs, as well as selling magazine ads. While at Kodak, she launched the first ever digital pro back and Portra series of films. This allowed her to gain exposure to the industry’s top photographers.

She experienced the technology shift with Shoot Digital, who was at forefront of digital workstations and post-production. A new project arose from the Chinese Tourism Board. They approached her to help them develop their marketing and website content with the goal of gaining a western perspective. After that project completed, she signed with NBC/Universal Television’s SyFy Channel, as a photo editor, and had the opportunity to work with top photographers including Mary Ellen Mark, David La Chappelle and Frank Ockenfels. Her television and film experience adds yet another layer to Jennifer’s ability to help photographers understand what it takes to work in those markets.

On top of her professional career, she also adds teaching into her mix. Jennifer has given presentations and lectures to W Magazine, Parsons School of Design, FIT, ASMP, School of Visual Arts, SPE and APA to name a few. In Atlanta, Georgia, Jennifer is currently teaching the business side of Photography and Portfolio development at The Creative Circus.

Having worked professionally as a Marketing Consultant, a Photo Editor, Producer, Freelance Art Buyer, Photographer and Educator, Jennifer provides the creative community with a refreshing balance of expertise and honesty. Her ability to breathe success into the careers of established and emerging artists is what makes Jennifer one of the most influential consultants today. She joined Agency Access in 2009 and splits her time between the Campaign Manager Program and other consulting services, as well as leading the department as the Director of Consulting.
When not consulting, she spends her days with her family in Atlanta, gardening in her backyard, playing with her dogs, enjoying the outdoors and cooking. She has a nice balance of professionalism, while not taking herself too seriously.